Teamwork Makes Dreamwork

Our performance is our experience

Awasij is a newly established Qatari company in the field of Events & Advertising, which keeps abreast of current developments plan in the country. We at Awasij are looking forward for being one of the builders of this community & an important part of the vision that will form this new & affluent country. We have the most experienced staff in this field so that we offer a distinctive & innovative work based on quality and timeline in the implementation of tasks. We create success through our wonderful team who are motivated professionals with strong values towards client’s success. We have a diverse and talented team of creatives and technologists and strategists, events managers and client services experts led by an experienced group of marketing guru's . We want our clients to enjoy every association with their brand by helping them to become relevant to their customers, by offering beyond traditional marketing services and creating ideas that connects them with their customers.

Our Vision

To be as a leading Advertising & Events agency in Qatar and the rest of the region that is dedicated to serve our clients with creative solutions & innovative ideas through intensity, integrity & intelligence.

Creative solutions & innovative ideas

Our Mission

  • To obtain and sustain distinct competence through efficacy of our customer service & enthusiasm towards our vision.
  • To be recognized as the agency which inspires creativity, sparks innovation & encourages talent.
  • To be a leading, integrated advertising agency, providing creative solutions, coupled with innovative ideas with high quality products to all types of clients within Qatar & the rest of the region.
  • To be associated with our clients as their advertising partners by helping then in achieving their marketing objectives.

Why Choose Us

Bringing your brand alive

We bond brand with their target audience through live experiences, digital engagement & traditional marketing. With strategic insight, inspired creativity & flawless execution.

We build exclusive experiential strategies, allowing our clients to connect with their audiences in unique & memorable ways. Our process involves full engagement in their history, goals & culture, resulting in a fully customized brand strategy.

Experience Strategy
Creative Design & Branding

Our in-house team of creative experts ranges from graphic & spatial designers to creative strategists and concept managers. We work alongside with our client’s team to envision & deliver creative & customized designs.

Audience Engagement

We tell our client's story in exciting ways to motivate their audience, change perception and inspire action. Whatever the message is, we help our clients to connect with their audiences resulting into a long-lasting customer relationship.

Our Capabilities